October 12 - 13, 2021
Virtual Conference & Networking Event

Thank you to all who attended the first Northern BC Solid Waste Management Forum!

Virtual Conference and Networking Event

October 12 – 13, 2021

The North Central Local Government Association is pleased to be hosting the Northern BC Solid Waste Management Forum 2021, in partnership with the Fraser Basin Council. This event is the first, regional conference in Northern BC to bring together local elected officials, industry professionals, stewardship leaders, and First Nations to discuss the challenges and future strategies for managing waste and recycling in the region.

What you can expect at this event

  • Opportunity to participate in valuable waste management strategy discussions with local government elected officials and staff in Northern BC
  • Keynote speakers, breakout discussions and engaging panel presentations centered around Northern and Interior BC waste management challenges and successes
  • A waste and recycling themed virtual trade show featuring waste industry leaders and stewardship organizations

For sponsorship and exhibitor information,
please contact:

Heidi Martel
Sponsor and Exhibitor Support
Email: Heidi_settings@msn.com

For all other event information and inquires, please contact:

Lindsay Sackett
Program Coordinator | Fraser Basin Council